2 June 2018

Your homework before you start planning to immigrate

Written by admin

1) Knowledge of the process: Although it is an agent’s job to help you immigrate but just to make sure you are guided right you need to get sorted with the basics. Where to get the information from? Everything is available on the official websites. Internet is a bliss in this case. Guidance is only helpful when it is right, knowledge would help you from falling a prey to false guidance.

2) Evaluate yourself on your own: Be your own judge, don’t be swayed by rosy promises of the agents. After having read every bit of information given online you would not only be capable of deciding on whether you will be able to immigrate, if yes; what is the country that suits your profile the best.

3) Free Profile Evaluation: The first evaluation for anyone and everyone is free. This evaluation basically constitutes of discussing your profile and your chances of immigration in the respective country. This encapsulates calculating your points on the basis your age, english proficiency, qualifications, experience and your current status.

4) English Proficiency Score: No agent can help you get through the process if you have not scored in the English proficiency exam, the best possible manner in which you can start your process is first score in the exam and then start with the application. This is a MANDATORY pre-requisite and you would not be able to apply without it.

5) Don’t let “Kara dunga” and “Ho jayega” befool you: Be smart enough to take regular follow-ups on every step. Walk with your agent at all points. There is absolutely no scope of any information being hidden from you. Believe in being the part of the system and knowing the transparent truth