2 June 2018

What is the First and Free Counselling session all about?

Written by admin

The first counselling session is the most important session that you will have in the entire process and the best part is that it is free.
This can be a maker or breaker in your entire application process.

Let’s talk about what all constitutes your first counselling:

1) Point calculation/Profile Evaluation: On the basis of your profile we calculate your total points. However, one should know that just calculating your points does not assure immigration. Every step is critical and the final decision rests only upon the fact about how carefully and wisely all the steps are handled.
2) Know the process: Knowing the process is very important along with the rules and regulations to be followed with them. The knowledge of the process is not only important for you to follow up with but also to keep a check on whether your application is going right or not.
3) Possibilities: According to the profile evaluation we will tell you about your future chances and the possibilities of getting through the immigration of the required country. This is the most important and the HONEST segment that drives the entire immigration process.
4) Better possible options: If not the country you are looking for our experts would guide you for the alternatives or the economies of country that suit your profile in a better way.