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Temporary Worker Visa

Temporary worker visas are for persons who want to enter the US for employment lasting a fixed period of time and are not considered permanent or indefinite.

The prospective employer need to file Form I-129 petition with USCIS and the visa can only be applied once this petition is approved.

Temporary worker visa categories include:

H-1B : Person in speciality occupation.
H-1B1 : Free trade agreement (FTA) professional
H2A : Temporary agricultural worker
H2B : Temporary non agricultural worker
H3 : Trainee or Special Education visitor
L : Intra company transferee
O : Individual with extraordinary ability
P-1 : Athlete or member of entertainment group
P-2 : Artist under reciprocal exchange program
P-3 : Artist to teach/coach
Q-1 : Participant is an International cultural exchange.

Some of the above visas require Labour Certification from Department of Labour before filing I-129 petition.

Once the petition or non immigrant worker Form I-129 petition is approved, you may apply for the desired visa. You need to fill Non Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-160 online, schedule and attend interview with the consular officer and once approved the visa will be granted to you under the appropriate category.

Your spouse and unmarried dependent children can also apply for the same visa and can stay with you in the US.

While in US, you can apply for extending your stay or change of non immigrant status, whatever the case may be.

Future For Sure will help you identifying the proper category and will provide support in filling the petition and compiling proper documents required at the time of visa interview.

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