Scholarships and Financial Aid – New Zealand

Scholarships – New Zealand

New Zealand Government, educational institutions and philanthropists offers few scholarships for international students.

Some of these scholarships include:

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA):

NZEA features 35 scholarships of NZ$ 5,000.00 across all eight universities of New Zealand.

These are available for the first year of study in New Zealand that providing an opportunity for Indian students to experience New Zealand’s excellence in the fields of business, fashion and STEM related programs.

Generation Study Abroad Excellence & Travel Awards (ENZTA)

ENZTA offers USD 2,000.00 awards to help the students to fly to New Zealand for study, whereas NZVEA & NZITPEA offers USD 500.00 each for study at one of the eight universities or participating institutes of technology & polytechnics. This grant is available to US residents.

You can check your eligibility on line for all types of scholarships and also can apply for multiple scholarships conveniently.

If you are eligible you can apply on line and submit the desired documents including your study plans, academic performance, and financial circumstances etc.