Scholarships and Financial Aid


Through out your years at high school, you worked really hard to get the best possible grades and engaged yourself in extra curricular activities to the best of your ability.

Now you are ready and wish to study abroad in one of the colleges which offers you a course of your liking and fits your potential.

But, but, but, your parents are not in a position to share your financial burden. Many college applicants find themselves in this situation and get stuck.

Luckily they are plenty of opportunities in the form of grants, scholarships and student loans. And the best opportunity which would really thrill you will be the scholarships & the financial aids offered by the colleges/universities and not the loans.

Many of the colleges in US do not offer financial aid to international students, however, there are few across the US who do offer scholarship directly as well as in the form of job at the university or institutional money and we at Future For Sure can help matching you to these universities/colleges and secure the scholarships for you so that study abroad becomes affordable for you.

We have the necessary database of International Education Financial Aid and can locate awards that can assist students to support their overseas study.

Some of the scholarship types include:

  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Merit based Scholarships
  • Post Doctoral Fellowships
  • College specific Scholarships

Come to Future For Sure and join our Study Abroad Made Affordable Program in order to minimize your cost of studies in USA.