Popular College Majors


Business Administration & Management

A major in business prepares graduates for variety of careers in management, marketing, sales, financial analysis or entrepreneurship. It also include classes in accounting and economics.

General Psychology

Psychology involves scientific study of the human mind as well as human behaviour. The study can lead to becoming a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist.


Many students flock to a nursing major as it prepares student for a practical & in demand career which is one of the top paying bachelor degrees.

General Biology

Study of biology can lead to becoming medical doctors, veterinarians, educators or researchers. Options for those with bachelors in biology are quite broad and is favourite for college students.

Teacher Education & Professional Development

Those who pursue these major usually choose to concentrate on a specific level of teaching such as elementary, secondary, special education and adult education.

Criminal Justice & Corrections

This major is an obvious choice for students with interest in Law and american justice system. The major can be a gateway to a career as a police officer, detective or law enforcement agent.


Accounting is an excellent major for students who enjoy maths and statistics. The major prepares them for a career as an accountant for which they need to get certified in their state.

Liberal Arts and Science, General Studies & Humanities

The purpose of this major is to give students a broad understanding of many different subjects and teach them to make connections and draw conclusions through research and studies.

English Language & Literature

The study of English teaches students to become great writers, thinkers and communicators – skills that are in-demand at many work places.


Students who enrol for history majors get into wide variety of career options including research, teaching, politics, law, marketing and communication.