First Look College Visits


The world’s leading study destination for International students, the US boasts over 4500 higher education institutes with more than 2500 courses on offer; it is sometimes quite impossible to select the right, best fit college for you sitting on the other side of the globe.

Even though we offer extensive counseling and support for getting admissions and despite online virtual tours, college websites and printing broachers, visiting in person is still the best way to get a sense of college energy, culture & academic environment.

That is where the First Look College Visits can help. No matter what stage of the college search process you’re in, Future For Sure will create itineraries that are based on your convenience so that you can tour the college campuses that are of interest to you and your parents.

Future For Sure is one of the first Study Abroad Company in India offering First Look College Visits consisting of multi-day college tours and campus visits for secondary school students and their parents.

Future For Sure – First Look College Visits package includes:

Admission Support Itinerary & Planning On-Campus arrangements
  • Career Pathway statement
  • Choosing study stream
  • Best Fit Colleges
  • Applications
  • Apply for visa
  • Travel itinerary for targeted colleges
  • College visit planning
  • Campus Tour development
  • Air and Surface ticketing
  • Lodging & destination logistics
  • Meetings with faculty  members
  • Meetings with advisers
  • On campus tours
  • Dorm/residences tours
  • Locality tours
  • Evening seminars

Get a First hand view

A campus visit is your opportunity to get a first hand view of a college.

To really get a feel for the college, you need to walk around, sit in a class, visit the dorms and have a meal with other students.

Get answers to your questions

A visit gives you a chance to talk to other students face to face and get answers to many questions like,

  • How is the campus food?
  • What’s the social scene like?
  • What are the conditions of the dorms?
  • How far is your dorm/room from your classes?
  • What transportation options are available for daily travel?
  • How friendly is the neighborhood?

Get valuable information

Pick up office college material you see, including, student newspapers, activity calendars, food menus, all of which shall give you a sense of what campus life is really like.

Take a decision

You will always get admission into more than one college.  Now you need to decide. This is your decision.  Listen to your gut.

Where did you feel more comfortable walking around?

Did you feel at home?

Did you click with the students and faculty?

College visit and spending time on campuses helps you determine a good fit (match) college for you in real sense.


Questions that can only be answered by visiting Colleges


  • How large, actually, the classes are?
  • Are the professors accessible outside of class?
  • Are students usually able to take their first choice courses?
  • How easy is it to change a major?
  • Can undergraduates work with professors in their research?
  • Are finals more exam based or project /essay based?

Social Emotional Support

  • Is there an effective academic support or tutoring?
  • How accessible & helpful are the health services?
  • What special resources are available for international students?
  • How is the social atmosphere?
  • How good is student to student interaction?

Residential Life

  • What are dorms like? How good are lounges, laundry and kitchen? Is the restrooms shared or private?
  • Do most students live in dorms or outside?
  • What is the quality, variety and options available for the food served in the dining hall?
  • How easy is it to get room in the dorm when you are in Junior/Senior year?

Campus Culture

  • Where do students tend to hang out on & off campus?
  • How many International students can be seen around?
  • What’s the party scene like?
  • Is it easy to get around the campus without the car?
  • Is it safe area to walk around at night?
  • How easy is it to find an on campus job?