Essays /SOP’s

Tips: How to write impressive Essays /SOP’s

Essays /SOP’s normally include content which a student is not able to present in his/her application form. SOP gives the admission committee opportunity to judge your perspective of life, your career aspirations, your ethics and your vision.

The admission committee can judge you goals from the SOP and make sure that they are in line with college ethics, capability and standards.

  • The main focus of your Essay/SOP is to explain your reasons for studying abroad. It can include broad details of courses you intend to take that aren’t available in your home country.
  • It is all right if you if you indicate your interest as your main inspiration to study abroad.
  • It should present your achievement and awards
  • It should include your plan after completing the studies.
  • Your Essay/SOP need to be sincere, direct, truthful and smart.
  • It should distinguish you from other applicants.
  • You must always use simple language.
  • Do not write vague statements. Keep it crisp & clear
  • It should always match and has to be in line with your application form.

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