Education System UK

Education System UK

UK education system is divided into four parts namely primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education.

UK higher education students are generally aged 18 and over and have usually already achieved further education qualifications.

The undergraduate programs include bachelor’s degree, foundation degree, and higher national diplomas.

After completing the bachelor’s degree which normally takes 3 years, the student can attempt for master’s degree including MBAs and PhDs and more.

Most UK higher education courses are taught by universities but plenty are taught at colleges, specialist art institutions, business schools and agricultural colleges.

There are over 160 universities and more than 700 colleges in UK.

Various degrees are indicated by credit levels in UK education system.

Credit level of 3 is the entry qualification for higher education. Credit level 6 indicates bachelor’s degree whereas credit level 7 and 8 indicates masters and doctorate respectively.

During the course of any program, credit or credit hours are awarded, where, one credit hour represents 10 notional hours of learning.

You may be able to transfer your credits to another program within the same institution or can transfer your credits to a different program in the same or different institution.