Education System New Zealand

Education System – New Zealand

New Zealand has 8 state funded Universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and about 550 Private Training Establishments (PTE’s).

These degrees are assigned a level with lowest level I being certificate courses & highest level I0 as Doctorate. Diploma is at level 5 & 6 whereas bachelor’s degree is at level 7.

The duration of undergraduate course is normally three years, whereas graduation & doctorate degrees can take additional two and three years respectively.

The academic year stars from late Feb. and the first semester ends in June. The second semester starts in July & ends in October.

In order to apply you must complete the form and send it to the college along with certified copies of transcript, proof in English proficiency and a recent resume.

Once you get an offer for acceptance, you need to submit the fees and apply for the visa.

Visa officer will require your college to be approved by NZQA, will check proof of funds, and return air ticket and applicable health insurance.

There are a number of undergraduate degrees and certificates you can earn including:

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree is a three years course available in all the eight universities. You need to select your major at the time of admission and all the subjects including the general subjects are geared towards your major.

Associates Degree

Associates degree is a step lower than the bachelor’s degree and includes both theory as well as practical classes. The degree can be earned in two years and if the student wishes, he/she can study one additional year to get a bachelor’s degree.


Professional Certificates & Technical Schools

There are over 600 tertiary training Schools located throughout New Zealand each of which offers different programs that puts you right into practical classes.

These programs take 2 to 18 months to complete depending on the type of program.

The program includes internships and apprenticeships which help you to go right into the work field after you complete the program.

The program includes plumbing, electrician, welder, and secretarial jobs etc