Education System Australia


Australia has more than 1100 institutes and more than 2000 courses leading to degrees in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral to (PHD).

The courses offered by Australian institutes cover wide range of streams – Law to Health, Engineering to Management and Humanities to Business.

Australia has 43 universities, out of which 40 are Australian universities, 2 International and 1 private specialty university. Along with the universities there are many other institutes offering higher education courses.

Eight of the Australian universities feature in top 100 ranked universities in the world. Australian institutes rank high for courses in Engineering, Medicine, Accounting and Finance.

The normal duration to achieve a bachelor’s degree after twelve years of primary & secondary school education is three years, whereas Post graduate studies requires additional 1 to 2 years, and,
Doctoral degree will need additional 3 years. If you go for bachelor’s degree with honors, you may require one additional year of study.

Most undergraduate programs are semester based with first semester from end Feb to early June and spring semester from July to October.

The credits earned in one institute within or outside Australia can be transferred to a different institute if you wish to change your institute of study.


Other undergraduate degrees include Vocational & Education training (VET) offered by Technical & Further Education (TAFE).

The types of qualification that can be earned through TAFE system include:

Certificate I-IV: These courses last up six months to two years are designe

d to provide introductory skills, training and industry specific knowledge.

Diploma: Diplomas require 1 to 2 years full time study that prepares students for industry, enterprise and professional careers. For high level of practical skill one can opt for advanced diploma.

Vocational Graduate Certificate: The vocational graduate certificate & diploma are equivalent of the higher education graduate certificate & diploma. They usually require six months to a full year of study.