Cool College Majors


If you have a passion, there will be a college in USA for a degree in the subjects you like. And, if typical majors aren’t your thing, there are plenty of unusual majors to choose from. These major’s may be weird but they are what you want.


Adventure Education teaches you how to use the great outdoors to expose children, adults and at-risk populations to challenging adventures, personal growth and self-discovery.

It includes Rock Climbing Fundamentals, Canoe Paddling Fundamentals, Wilderness Expedition and Whitewater Kayaking etc.

The job prospects include working in outdoors, education at a state or national park, outdoor/adventure programs and various academies.


Astrobiology includes the exploration of life beyond the Earth and investigation of the origin and early evolution of life on Earth.

The course includes Planetary Habitability, Astrobiology and Field Experience

After the degree you could become an astrobiology researcher, scientist or educator


The study includes management of dive business, physics and physiology as applied to diving, emergency medicine and first aid for pressure related injuries, recompression chamber operation, mixed gas dive planning, and underwater photography.

Advanced Diving Theory and Practice, Intro to Marine Biology, Intro to Oceanography, Scuba Rescue and Emergency Medicine, Underwater Photography and Basic Seamanship are some of the subjects included in this course.
Divemaster, scuba instructor, commercial diver, research diver, underwater photojournalist, etc. are the openings for you after the course.


The course offers knowledge of theory and application of movement science in health, fitness and disease prevention in diverse populations.

The course includes Prevention & Care Athletic Injuries, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Exercise & Sport Psychology, Biomechanics of Human Movement, and Fitness for Specific Populations

Job prospects: Health and fitness industry, corporate wellness, research labs, adaptive sports programs and community organizations


Wine and brewing from systems design and engineering to “understanding the social and cultural implications of food and beverage production.”

The subjects include Social Implications of Fermented Beverages, Viticulture: Vine Physiology and Vineyard Establishment, Brewing Science and Analysis, Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer.

The prospective job places include vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and biotechnology businesses

The program focuses on ecological and oceanographic processes extending from the coastal zone to the deep ocean.

You will study introduction to Marine Sciences: Geological & Physical, Introduction to Waves and Beaches, Global Environmental Cycles, Hurricanes and Typhoons, Biology of Marine Invertebrates, Fisheries Acoustics, Fish Recruitment, to get the degree.

After successful completion you could be research scientist and work in the fields of conservation, coastal ecology, coastal fisheries, wetland soils and vegetation, and physical and geological oceanography fields


What you study: “Electrical Engineering, with additional training from the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments, and covers topics in electrical power, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic control.”

Example courses: Engineering Problem Solving and Design, Computer Methods in Engineering, Engineering Problems and Analysis, Manufacturing Processes

Job prospects: Engineer in theme parks, amusement facilities and related industries


The course teaches the preservation of all species, the enhancement of wildlife habitat, the control of wildlife problems, and the consumptive use of wildlife.

The subjects you study during the course are General Zoology, Introduction to Wildlife Conservation & Administration, Wildlife Policy, Mamma logy, Animal Energetics, Principles of Wildlife Diseases, Conservation Biology

You become a wildlife biologist in the field for state and federal natural resource agencies, conservation organizations, private ecological consulting firms, private timber companies, zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers as wildlife managers, wildlife biologists, refuge managers, park rangers, park naturalists, game wardens, recreations planners, consulting wildlife biologists


Child development training, infant care techniques, etiquette and manners, how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks, communicate effectively with parents and children, create learning opportunities focusing on the eight multiple intelligences, safety with CPR and First Aid certifications and Water Safety training, planning learning opportunities for children from infancy through adolescence, etc. will be part of your study.

The main subjects for this degree will be Infant Care, Creative Enrichment, The Growing Child, Safety and Nutrition

You could become a private nanny, childcare provider, work at daycares, and schools


You study all aspects of the hose race track. Students choose either a business track to learn racetrack management, regulation and pari-mutuel racing organizations or an equine management track to study racing and breeding animals.

Race Track Marketing and Media Relations, Racing Laws and Enforcement, Race Track Organization, Structure and Financial Management will be few of your subjects.

Job prospects includes Track-related careers such as track secretary or announcer, journalist, photographer or other horse-related career and Maintaining Recreation, Park, Leisure and Sport Facilities and Areas, Commercial Recreation.