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Things that make you a strong individual after moving abroad.

The decision to move out of the country to study can not only prove to be a milestone for your academic career but it is also something that works on your overall development as an individual. You don’t only grow socially in terms of having a global exposure but you also gain life skills, such … Continue reading “Things that make you a strong individual after moving abroad.”

21 April 2018, By admin



22 March 2018, By admin

Adventure Sports as a Career Option.

We live in happy times, times where the generation before us has understood the importance of pursuing only what we are actually good at. Sports in totality has only been only earmarked as a leisure activity. The lack of people appreciating this skill of being good at a particular sport was never been a part … Continue reading “Adventure Sports as a Career Option.”

14 March 2018, By admin

Why to choose a job that you love?

This looks like the fanciest statement that influence the youth, but the fact that must not be ignored is that it is actually one of the most important mantra that should be followed by one and all. This is something that should be followed irrespective of the age, but making early choices in your career … Continue reading “Why to choose a job that you love?”

3 March 2018, By admin

PhD abroad can be a milestone to your career

PhD is the premier and the most respected degree for people belonging to the educational background. This the zenith of your specialization. Holding a doctorate for something means an assurance in itself that there is no other entity holding information as good as you do it on that specific topic. Talking about institutions in India, … Continue reading “PhD abroad can be a milestone to your career”

3 March 2018, By admin

The significance of a well-structured SOP

In the process of your application abroad, these two happen to be the most important document apart from your academic credentials. What students often fail to understand is the fact that they are two such documents that give a clear reflection of your personality, your accomplishments, the way you have reached wherever you are. This … Continue reading “The significance of a well-structured SOP”

24 February 2018, By admin

Linguistics- The new dimensions of language.

Set your goals high, find out how language is much more than only what you can speak.

22 May 2017, By admin

Managing Fashion.

Fashion is not always about dressing. Its about a lot more! Find out what..

2 May 2017, By admin

Media like never before !

Done with hearing about courses on Journalism and Mass Communication?
Not so soon ! There’s still a lot you need to know.

11 April 2017, By admin

Sports Management at Ohio University

Like sports? But don’t like to study! Figure out THE best choice for you.

23 March 2017, By admin

Handling the quarter-life crisis

“From dreaming about the future to creating it.”

15 March 2017, By admin

Psychology – The science of mind

The currently trending range of studies is inclusive of psychology as one of the major interests among students. Presenting to you, a detailed analysis on this science of the mind.

8 February 2017, By admin

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