Admission Australia


International students need to follow a number of steps in order to get admissions to a higher education institutes in Australia. The application process involves a number of stages and the process lasts almost a year which includes taking IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, preparing SOPs, essay and filing application.


A high school student in India is rarely exposed to career options available worldwide. Many do not even have a career goal. At most our students are exposed to the careers of their family members, friend’s family members or may be their neighbours.

We at Future For Sure can find out what you actually wish to achieve by analyzing your academic performance, interests, extra circular activities & hobbies etc.

Once you know what your strengths are, you can decide the career you wish to choose, and we at Future For Sure will help you draft your career pathway to achieve your dream career.

Future For Sure will recognize your uniqueness and will introduce you to the careers where you can enjoy and exploit your uniqueness to the fullest.


Once your career pathway is developed, you now know broadly what you wish your future to be. Your unique career pathway will point to your study stream in line with your talent. For example you enjoy sports and your career pathway indicates business for you, you can look for sports management stream.

However, there are hundreds of options available for any particular stream, which differ in duration, subjects, focus and cost. We at Future For Sure will help you shortlist the stream best suiting to you which is in line with your career pathway/plan.

During this process of shortlisting, you & only you will be our thought.


This is the most important and complex part in the entire process of admissions because it is not practical to fly to the other side of the globe and visit different colleges for selection. With thousands of accredited degree granting colleges, it is not easy to select a college, which fits you the best.

Our experienced counselors can ensure selecting colleges that matches your characteristics, offer you affordability and you feel comfortable on the campus.

For us at Future For Sure, the ranking as published in media is just one of the component of selection in the student college search. We try to accommodate many other factors and relate the same with the student’s background, aspirations and interests to get the best match and try to reduce the influence of ranking which could sometimes put a student under excessive pressure.

Future For Sure feels that the student should shortlist a particular institution where he/she can enjoy the studies, use its facilities to the fullest and comfortably be a part of diverse experiences, the unfamiliar people, ideas and engagements that will push him/her to new revelations & knowledge about themselves and the world.
You need to be very careful in running after rankings which may sometimes results into your becoming misfit, stressful and making you college experience sour.


Admissions to overseas colleges, specially Australia, is a long drawn process that lasts almost a year and includes taking English Proficiency tests (IELTS/TOEFL) preparing SOP’s, getting LOR’s and filling applications.
We will work with you to create a student specific timeline (SST), so that the application process and various tests does not affect your school or your job or whatever primary occupation you are in.

The application requires you to specify your academic results, extra circular activities, achievements and your future goals. Along with these, you need to attach LOR’s, essays, SOP’s and your resume.

We at Future For Sure ensure that your applications, essays and other documents are in line with course you are applying and with the colleges where you are applying.

We shall help you in writing SOP’s and essays and will support you in getting the necessary letter of recommendations (LORs), matching to your profile.


Once your application is accepted you will be issued a Letter of Offer. You need to sign and return the offer acceptance letter received with your letter of offer. In addition to this you must pay for tuition fee and Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC).

Once your acceptance and payments are received, the college will issue Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE).


Most international students who indent to study in Australia must apply for student visa sub-class 500. Along with the application, you need to produce IELTS/TOEFL result and ECoE and you must prove your financial credibility.

Your application will go through stream live visa processing and visa officer may call you before issuing a visa