24 February 2018

The significance of a well-structured SOP

Written by admin

In the process of your application abroad, these two happen to be the most important document apart from your academic credentials. What students often fail to understand is the fact that they are two such documents that give a clear reflection of your personality, your accomplishments, the way you have reached wherever you are.

This document should fairly emphasize your short-term goals in context to your long-term goals. Your long-term goals should walk hand in hand with the way you have carried your education so far. You should talk about your USP’s and how they make you unique. Your uniqueness must give you an edge over others. Amidst talking about your present achievements, make it a point to talk about what motivated you the most and gave you a clarity about choosing the stream of choice that you have chosen. The qualities that you talk about yourself must be inclusive of the ones that helps adding value to you in order to be where you exactly want to be.


Your future prospects hold the optimum value in this document, in which you must not only talk about yourself and how it would benefit you, but how I will also make an impact to the university in the period of your study and subsequently to the world outside.


This is the document that represents you on your behalf and hence it is very important that it should be the strongest in your entire profile.