8 February 2017

Psychology – The science of mind

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Psychology – The science of the mind

People usually wonder the psychologists can study highly intricate, seemingly abstract and extremely sophisticated thing. The mind is known to be immensely complex and enigmatic. So, when scientists look inside the brain, as in an autopsy or even during the surgical operation, all they really see is grey matter. The thoughts, cognition, emotions, memories, dreams, perceptions, etc. can never be seen physically, like a skin rash or heart defect.

In the other sciences, experiments are devised to confirm or disapprove theories or expectations. For a physicist, the raw data during the experiments may be atoms, electrons, the application or withdrawal of heat, while for the psychologist human behaviour is the raw data.

For a psychologist, human behaviour is tend to be used as an evidence – or at least an indication – of how the mind exactly functions. We are unable to observe the mind directly; however, virtually all the actions, feelings and thoughts are influenced by the functioning of our minds. That is why human behaviour is used as an entirely raw data for testing the psychological theories on how the mind actually functions.