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Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you are an experienced businessperson interested in being self-employed in your own business, you can apply for Entrepreneur visa.

Entrepreneur visa allows you to move to New Zealand and buy or establish a business.

This is a points based visa and requiring 120 points or more, minimum capital investment of NZ one million dollars, clear business plans, and meeting English language requirements.

This category requires you to setup or purchase & run a successful business for period of minimum two years so that it benefits New Zealand significantly and then apply for Entrepreneur Resident visa, which allows you permanent residence in New Zealand.

In case you invest in NZ five million dollars and create three new jobs, you can fast track to Permanent Entrepreneur Resident visa within 6 months.

To apply for Permanent Entrepreneur Resident visa you need to complete the application, submit fees and other documents and wait for the decision from New Zealand Immigration.

For accurate details on New Zealand Immigration please visit the New Zealand Immigration Website.

Bhavna Kaur a licensed IAA Agent can help you not only in applying for the visa, but can also suggest you with suitable business that could be bought or set up so that you can have easy transition from Temporary Entrepreneur Resident visa to Permanent Entrepreneur Resident visa.

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