2 June 2018

Immigration Fair at India Habitat Centre, Powered by The Times of India:

Written by admin

Last week Future For Sure participated in the Immigration Fair organized by The Times Of India. The most important reason why we chose to write about this was not because we wanted to shout out loud about our participation. It was rather about the issues that people have been facing while thinking to immigrate to other countries.

Although it looks much easier than a few years ago to plan, meet an agent, start the application and immigrate but this isn’t the case.

With the market expanding and the number of agents increasing people are actually getting more and more and confused about the whole process. The multiple and all different advises leaves them baffled not knowing how to take the right decision. More than a marketing strategy we walked out of the office to study the current market and the outcomes left us worried.

Hence we started of starting a series of blogs with putting forward the right information before you walk in ours or any agent’s office.

The blog series will be inclusive of:
1) Prior-Knowledge (Basically, your homework before you start planning to immigrate)
2) Limitations to your profile.
3) The important elements of counselling.