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Migration Solutions/Services to Europe

We assist non-EU Nationals to obtain employment/residence permits/work visa/green cards for EU countries including Hungary, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc.

There are typically four ways you can live in a European Country on long term basis:

Get a (Skilled) Job

Many European countries are unable to fill their skilled jobs so they are eager to offer work permits to highly qualified skilled personals like engineers, IT workers, doctors etc. Higher education (Masters/PhD) can support you better to get the permit. For example Denmark has a “Positive List” which lists in-demand jobs.

Self Employment/Retirement

Portugal, Spain, Italy, France & Cyprus are few of the countries which offer long term stay if you can demonstrate your financial stability and have sufficient medical insurance.


Most of the students will get study visa for the duration of their study if they get admission letter from a recognized/approved educational institutions and prove they have sufficient funds for tuition fees, living and return to the home country.

Marry a citizen

Marrying a country’s citizen is one of the fastest ways to obtain a right to stay in the country.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom offer following categories of visa:

  • Skilled Migration
  • Business Migration
  • Family Migration
  • Study visa
  • Travel visa

Migration Laws are sometimes complicated and tricky and are changing rapidly. Incomplete, inaccurate applications not only delays the process but can also result in refusal. Future For Sure has a meticulous & efficient team who can provide you with personalized migration solutions & services for EU.

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