22 March 2018


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Canada has reached the fifth place on a global survey that ranks how powerful passports are from each of the country in the world.

The bigger question concerning this article is,
What makes a passport powerful and why should you care?
Well the answer stands all about global mobility; the freedom to travel and mobilise around the world, and according to The Passport Index created by Arton Capital, it’s based on the number of countries that can grant visa-free access to each passport holder.

The visa free score of Canada is an impressive 158 and it shares its position along with four other countries including USA, Switzerland, Malaysia and Ireland
Canada stands as the fifth most powerful passport with Malaysia, Ireland, and New Zealand with a VFS (visa-free score) of 153. Canadian passport holders will be actually allowed to enter 110 countries visa-free and with visas on arrival given for additional 43 countries.
The question about this position that can arise is how, despite public perception of being a welcoming nation, Canada actually ranks rather low when it comes to reciprocating.
Even though, when it comes to welcoming others into our country, Canada ranks 76, requiring visas from all but 52 other nations when opening our borders and yet the numerous reasons for why people like to immigrate to Canada are the higher standard of living and the opportunity to earn better.

Canada is ranked and listed among the top countries for being the best countries to do business with, best countries for education and top country for satisfaction in life.
Canada has always had a welcoming approach towards the immigrants with open arms and has ensured them in every possible way to settle comfortably in their new country.

The strength of the passport signifies an indication of the number of countries the holder of that passport can travel to other countries without applying for visa. The list of rank for all the countries is given on the Passport Index website. It also signifies the relation of one country with other countries and of the position it holds economically worldwide.

This is just one more strong reason as to why people should think about immigrating to Canada. The country has many things to offer for new immigrants.