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Skilled Occupation List

You need to nominate an occupation from The Skilled Occupation List (SOL), if you are applying for Skilled Independent, Family Sponsored or a Temporary Graduate visa.

In case you are nominated by a State or Territory Government or are applying under the Employer Nomination Scheme, you must nominate an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

The applicant are required to contact the relevant Assessing Authority mentioned in the SOL/CSOL directly, to obtain Skill Assessment. The Assessing Authority will charge for their services provided.

These lists are revised from time to time and occupations are added or removed based on the supply in the labour market. As a part of the annual SOL review, there are a number of occupations which are flagged for possible removal in the future.
Future For Sure will guide you so that you can correctly nominate your occupation from SOL/CSOL and get it Assessed from the concerned Accessing Authority.

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