20 July 2017

Advantages of Obtaining Immigration Services from an ICCRC AGENT

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are accountable and answerable to the administrative body of Regulator of Immigration Consultants in Canada, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). They are audited on a very regular basis to ensure that they are adhering with the requirements of the one who is regulating and are providingquality services.

From the outset, the potential client must be made aware that an ICCRC member cannot direct people to lie or misrepresent themselves. The major role is not to manipulate a system or bypass full and legal eligibility to enter the country, but to facilitate the entrance of honest applicants who would be a benefit to the country. Dishonesty and ineligibility should exclude any potential client.

Members of ICCRC require high standards of ethical behaviour and as such, in order to maintain their license, business, and income, they are required to honestly and adequately explain his/her role as a representative of Canada and of Canadian values. The demonstration of these values must be up front and honest.

They are very strictly required to abide by stringent ethical and professional guidelines

All the consultants are subject to a Code of Ethical Conduct that stipulates proper procedures for their practice. The Code requires all members to adhere to stringent rules, including those regarding quality of service, professionalism, ethical practice and confidentiality. A breach of this code is an act of non-compliance; it is taken seriously and dealt with expeditiously by the Council. Additionally, members of the Council must provide evidence of good character before being newly regulated, including submitting a police record check.